Academy of Learning College Brampton-West Campus offers over 30 different Diploma programs that teach the skills necessary for a rewarding career.  When you choose the Academy of Learning Brampton- West, you get the help required to be job-ready within 5 – 12 months. We actively help you with new job placement opportunities suitable to your interest. 


  • Our college offers short, career-specific courses that prepare you for hands-on work in the future
  • We assist our students in obtaining employment and make their job search much easier, this gives you more time to focus on your education.
  • We offer extended assistance with paperwork and our financial aid office takes care of the government funding for those that quality, along with guiding our students through the steps in enrollment

The Academy of Learning Brampton-West staff takes care of all of the paperwork related to government grants, enrollment, and guides you for a refreshing learning experience. Our campus is diligently introducing innovative programs and courses to ensure that students obtain the best education and skills from their mentors. We make virtual learning effortless and enjoyable, our students overcome the digital technology and master the skills needed for online learning. Our academy of learning staff offers one-on-one support for our students, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need at any stage of their educational journey. 

Our Courses

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