Community Service Worker

Duration: 36 WeeksHours: 920

If working with people, socially, mentally and emotionally challenged ids your forte, then the Community Service Worker Program at the Academy of Learning Brampton is the program for you. To make a career out of helping others live a better and fruitful life, can now be a rewarding career as well.

This program trains students to provide many types of assistance to people in the community, from determining eligibility for welfare and health programs and counseling on child care to helping adults as well as children with physical and mental problems as well as those involved in drug abuse as well as physical abuse.

The program helps students determine and locate appropriate social service agencies such as those providing health care and physical and mental rehabilitation. Working closely with Counselors, social workers, activists, health professional, child care workers, addiction workers, mental health professionals as well as others related to the same field. A graduate from the Academy of learning Brampton will be competent and trained professional who can work well with a team as well as without supervision.

Career Opportunities

  • Addiction Worker
  • Community Service Worker
  • Abused Women Helpline
  • Hospice
  • Abused Children Shelter
  • Child & Youth Worker
  • Distress Center Counselor
  • Drug Addiction Worker
  • Hospitals
  • Homeless Shelters and Outpatient Clinics
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Residential Aged Care Services and Community Aged Care Services

Bhoomi ShahCommunity Service Worker