Medical Office Assistant

Duration: 45 weeksHours: 1025

The Healthcare sector of the economy is booming and producing employment opportunities at an unprecedented rate. New opportunities are being created in all spheres of this fast emerging Sector.

Medical office Assistant encompasses all individuals who plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare. MOA program is designed to provide employment-ready, comprehensively trained graduates. Successful graduates will be eligible to achieve the CMAP – Certified Medical Assisting Professional designation in addition to their diploma. These graduates are fully qualified to work in a hands-on administrative / clinical support capacity in any medical field.

Program is designed to give the student maximum edge, leading to better Employment opportunities and job satisfaction.

Academy of Learning Brampton prides itself on very high employability rate in this program.With small class sizes ranging from 8 to 10 students only, students get hands on training in their computer and instructor led training.

Added to that 4 weeks of Practicum Placement, adds the extra “real world Skills” to our students resume, making them better prepared to be job ready.

Emphasis is placed on medical terminology, Physiology and anatomy, Medical terms, medical transcription and medical office procedures. In addition, the program fosters the development of interpersonal skills, organizational effectiveness, and communication skills necessary to function in a medical environment.

Career Opportunities

  • Medical Office Assistant
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Companies
  • Health Care Facility

Graduates of this Medical Office Assistant program can expect to find employment in a variety of settings including private medical clinics; Community Health Units; hospital departments such as Admissions, Out-Patient Clinics, Emergency, Radiology, or as a ward clerk or surgical booking clerk ;radiology clerk nursing homes, palliative care facilities, or senior citizens’ residences; medical transcription departments/facilities; private veterinary clinics; medical specialty offices; Dental offices midwifery clinics; medical supply companies; Chiropractic or Physiotherapy clinics; and insurance companies dealing with medical insurances.

Disha SinghMedical Office Assistant