Academy of Learning College understands that our most valuable assets are our quality of service, our unique method of teaching, and the “Word of mouth” referrals from our students. Experience can say a lot about a business, in this case giving our students the best experience possible is our top priority. The referral bonus program is a simple token for your appreciation and acceptance of our college, to make your experience with us even better this program is a way for you to money by encouraging your friends and family to join us.

Over 30% of our students first learn about our college through a referral, we are always grateful for the students that are satisfied with their experience enough to recommend us.  We encourage students to join in inviting more students to our college who would benefit from our effective and career-ready educational programs.

How does the Student Referral Program work?

If you know anyone who can benefit from our program, is eager to learn in an innovative and easy-going environment, tell them to join us today!

This could be a person that is either:

  • Early high school leaver
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • A Single Parent
  • A New Immigrant
  • On social assistance
  • Need of financial assistance
  • Need skill upgrading
  • A Protected Person

When you tell them about the different programs, services, and benefits offered at our college, you get a token of our appreciation. You can open the door for somebody who is in need of a career upgrade and you will get rewarded for your help and referral. 

Eligible Courses for Referral: Only Diploma-level Courses
Award Amount:$200.00


***Limited Time Offer Only*** 

Current/Ex student that refers our school to a new student can avail of the referral scheme! This is a limited-time offer and expires July 31st, 2022 for all referees. If you know someone that is interested in enrolling at our school, reach out to us before this offer expires and you will be awarded for your appreciation. 

Example of the Award Amount:

5 students referred: $200+ $200+ $200+ $200+ $200 = $1,000

Please read our policies carefully

Please note that the referral must be done prior to student enrollment. No referral will be paid if a referral is made after a student is enrolled. The referral will only be paid after confirmed enrollment. Students cannot self-refer. Re-enrolling students are not eligible for the referral payout. Academy Of Learning Brampton employees are not eligible for referral payout. *The offer applies to new referrals only*

What do you get from us?

When you refer a student, on successful enrollment of your referee, the Academy of Learning College will reward you with a referral fee that can range from $200 for each referral. This is a continuous offer and you can make hundreds for free!

Referral benefits for referrals made by currently enrolled or past students of AOL Brampton West Campus start from the first referral. Listed Agent referral benefits start with the second referral and apply retroactively to the first referral. Listed agents are registered student agents with the AOL Brampton West Campus. Please Call the Academy of Learning Brampton West for any questions. When calling please ask about how you can become a listed agent with us and create a revenue stream for yourself to expand your opportunities and make a profit when working with us. 


Bhoomi ShahStudent Referral Program