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Don’t Skip That Home Inspection – Home Inspectors To The Rescue



It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home and overlook the need for conducting a home inspection prior to signing a contract. Home inspections by qualified home inspectors are an important aspect of the home-buying process that can help you save time, money and save you from immense pain in the long run.  

To some, a home inspection may appear to be a waste of money. However, simply going around the outside of the house and doing a visual check will not indicate any potential issues. Regardless of the home’s age, there may be hidden costs that the common buyer may be unaware of. 

For example, problems with wiring, plumbing, or structural issues, may not be visible during a showing. Consulting with an expert is a much better bet. 

Save money 

Does a home inspection really save you money in the long run? Just ask the Ontario family that was stunned when their dream home turned into a nightmare for them.  A family living in Brampton found their dream home in neighboring Halton Hills.  

The seller made an agreement that the family could buy it if they waived a home inspection. The buyer Mrs. Song says, “They asked me to waive the home inspection, and I hesitated a little, but she said if I want the home, I had to waive it, so I waived it,” Song said (Foran, 2021). This should have sent alarm bells ringing but sadly it did not.

Repair costs 

Songs family later found that there was no water well; they had to spend $10,000 to install new storage tanks and other equipment in their basement. She went on to say that the septic system was also in terrible condition, and that replacing it would be incredibly expensive due to new environmental regulations. 

“It’s going to cost me another $120,000 to replace the septic,” Song said. Her family will need  to get a separate mortgage for the cost of the repairs in the home. Skipping a home inspection was one of the worst financial decisions that resulted a horrible home buying experience.  

Don’t judge a home by its looks 

Therefore, the most crucial reason to get a house inspection before buying a property is to make sure it is exactly what you are getting to pay for. Do the same amount of research about your future home as you would any other important purchase. The more information you know, the less surprises you will face in the future. 

Home Inspectors to the rescue 

Buyers need a qualified and well-trained home inspector to provide them a reliable report on the home that will prevent their dream purchase from becoming a nightmare. This is why home inspectors are playing a crucial role in the current housing market and will continue to do so. It is a lucrative and satisfying career. Are you the type that likes to fix things around the house or get joy after climbing into the attic and finding the root cause of appliance problems or like to fix that annoying plumbing issue? You can turn that trait into a respectable, well-paid career through earning our CAHPI and ministry approved diploma program 

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Meenakshi VyasDon’t Skip That Home Inspection – Home Inspectors To The Rescue
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Why is a home inspection with a qualified home inspector so important?

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With the recent spate in home sales, home inspection from a qualified home inspector has become all the more significant.  A Home Inspector serves many key purposes that are important in the finalization of a home sale First, it offers you an opportunity to assess the state of the house, its structure, interior, exterior, and the state of its mechanical systems. Secondly, it alerts the seller about any issues the house may have before the closing date is finalized. If you sign a contract before an inspection, make sure you include a provision stating that the sale is subject to a satisfactory structural examination, as well as a date for the inspection. You’ll thank yourself later 

Enforcing Home inspection 

The government realizes the importance of home inspection in the present time, and soon enough they will enforce home inspections as part of selling and buying homes. What is needed for such enforcement is a good supply of qualified home inspectors who can identify potential issues and provide good advice to their clients. The Home Inspection course at the Academy Of Learning Brampton West Campus is a Ministry-approved curriculum that adheres to the professional requirements of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Check out the course content to learn more about the curriculum

Areas of focus  

A thorough inspection includes a visual examination of the structure from top to bottom, including the heating and air conditioning systems, interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, basement, and visible structure to prevent future problems.  

Following the inspection, the home inspector will provide a report that identifies not only all potential flaws or areas of worry, but also the positive elements of the house as well as the kind of care that will be required to keep the house in excellent working order. 

A Realtors Recommendation 

Home inspectors often work with realtors and can help you figure out the next steps to helping you with big purchases and financial decisions revolving around the property. Home inspectors also work with property managers, contractors, structural engineers, builders, and other businesses that will aid you in finding and improving your future home. To learn more about what realtors recommend visit:

Their advice is based on professional judgments and experience, which is why it is important to have a correctly done home inspection by a qualified professional. Realtors themselves advise and encourage all sellers and/or buyers to have an home inspection done, this way consumers will get the best experience as a homeowner 

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Meenakshi VyasWhy is a home inspection with a qualified home inspector so important?
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