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Get a FREE PSW Diploma through the challenge fund!

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The Challenge fund  

The Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund is an Ontario government initiative. It provides a bursary ( not a loan!) to help students earn a ministry-approved diploma for a PSW career. The program also assures work placement in the long-term care industry and provides experience in a long-term care context. Only OSAP-eligible students are eligible for the Personal support worker Challenge fund. You do not have to pay back the grant/bursary you receive from the challenge fund. It’s a grant, not a loan. Students must begin their PSW training at a participating career college between May 1 and July 31, 2021, to be eligible for financial assistance. You can learn more about this announcement

Please note: The PSW Challenge Fund is not available to international students. 

Receiving Free training  

The Ontario government recently announced a substantial $86 million investment to train up to 8,000 personal support workers (PSWs). Given the current pandemic situation as well as our aging population, the Ontario government needs healthcare workers and PSWs. To encourage motivated students to pursue this rewarding and socially important career, the government is providing a subsidy to assist students and cover their tuition and internship fees that are associated with the PSW program.  

The Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund will cover tuition, textbooks, and supplies, and students’ internship costs during their work placements. This includes paid placements. In return for free tuition, students will be required to complete several hours of job shadowing during their study period to gain experience for their placements. It’s a win-win!! 

Qualifications of a PSW 

Have you been considering a PSW career but were deterred by the costs? Well, now is your chance. Wondering what it takes to be a PSW, here are some key traits and expectations: 

Patience is one of PSW’s greatest assets. Throughout the day, you’ll need to draw on your patience skills to cope with individuals who aren’t always cognitively aware. A job of a PSW consists of effective communication, and It might be as simple as having a conversation. 

What does it mean to be a Personal support worker? Some duties consist of helping clients with:  

  • Travelling & mobility, basic hygiene, and sanitation  
  • Reminders to take medications and suggested exercises   
  • social engagements 
  • nutrition and food preparation 

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to have your PSW training fully covered by the Ontario government. The staff and management at the Academy Of Learning Brampton West are excited to be a part of this great initiative. We would love to chat with you and answer any questions you may have to help you enroll and get started on your PSW journey. We have frequent new batches start dates. 

For more information on how you can earn a PSW diploma free of cost you can : 

Call us at 365-788-4080 or visit us at and click on Request Info to be contacted. Contact us to reserve your seat for July 2021 

Meenakshi VyasGet a FREE PSW Diploma through the challenge fund!
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How does a Private Career College help you?

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A Private career college caters to everyone including the underserved and those that may have been left behind in our communities. At Private career colleges we offer diplomas that are completed at a shorter duration than degrees and prepare students with hands-on skills that  prepare them to hit the ground running. This includes placements, internships, coop and help in exploring different job opportunities shortly after the completion of your diploma. A prime example of a high demand program that is preparing our students in a short duration for a well-paying and meaningful career is the Personal Support worker program. It not only gives you the requisite skills and knowledge in only 5 months but also provides guaranteed placements, and a higher chance of employment upon completion. More information about the Personal Support Worker program can be found in our blog PSW Funding Blog.

Our Students

An interesting fact about Private Career Colleges (PCC) is that our student population includes a significantly higher proportion of learners (52%) who were born outside of Canada. This demographic comprises of   immigrants, protected refugees, displaced migrants, and international students. Please see :

When you choose to study in a private career college, like Academy of Learning Brampton West, you can reap the added benefit of getting a step closer to gaining your PR and citizenship, all while gaining a ministry approved  diploma program in a short period of time. A large population in Canada comprises of visible minorities. Three in ten (30%) of PCC students self-identify as a visible minority, with four percent self-identifying as indigenous people. Private career colleges are therefore prime examples and supporters of diversity. They are a great platform for  immigrants and visible minorities who  may lack resources to avail of opportunities that this great country offers. It serves as an avenue for them to adapt and offers learning styles without overwhelming them.

Steps to success

When you enroll at the Academy Of Learning Brampton West, your aspirations are our goals, and we will guide you through the steps necessary to reach your destination. In private career colleges, nearly two in five students (38%) indicate their first language is neither English nor French, however they achieve high rates of success tremendously with the help of career colleges. Private career colleges accommodate students that do not speak English and French as their first language, and still provide them with the absolute best education.

Private career colleges illustrate that it is never too late to get an education and start a career in something you love. Students in career colleges belong to a range of age groups. Most of the adult students learn basic innovative computer and language skills in the first few weeks of their program. This enables students to feel welcomed and gives them the confidence to flourish in the program. Private career colleges work at the pace of the students and give the students more time, less stress when completing a program. Talk to us today to take the next step towards your rewarding career. E-mail: or call 365-788-4080

Meenakshi VyasHow does a Private Career College help you?
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Program Overview

The personal support worker program provides an opportunity for students to develop basic nursing and social service skills necessary for long term employment in homes, facilities, congregate housing settings, and various programs in social institutions.  The pandemic has exhausted the province’s healthcare resources, the need for personal support workers on the front line today is paramount.

Personal support workers are an urgent need today. Ontario government will provide $86 million in grants and tuition to train 8,000 Personal support workers (PSW). Upon enrollment, students can get up to $13, 235 in grants, tuition fees, and internships. This is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity and take a step towards a better financial future. The government is also investing $239 million to increase temporary wage enhancements for Personal support workers which allows them to be equipped with the best experience. This results in paid placements, and exemption of other mandatory fees. See announcement here:

Personal Support Workers are very valuable in the circumstances of our society today, students are encouraged to pursue the Personal support worker program while they have the chance because the government is giving the course to you for free, at the Academy of Learning we want everyone to take full advantage of this opportunity because we aim for the wellbeing of our students. Personal support workers are crucial for the engagement in patient advocacy and delivering care to residents that are vulnerable, they play an important part in society and are considered the backbone of long term care facilities. Personal support workers care for our loved ones, they deserve to receive modernized knowledge  .

Academy of learning

The Personal support worker program is being offered at the Academy of learning Brampton- West, where the staff strives to give an education that makes a pathway to a brighter future. The duration of this program is 28 weeks, successful completion of the certificate will allow one to explore different careers in the social healthcare working environment province wide. The Academy of Learning Brampton West offers paid clinical placements for Personal support workers upon completion of their diploma, along with a guaranteed place of employment. The staff here values their customers. Unlike other colleges, staff guides and takes care of the paperwork with government funding, enrollment and is always there to guide you through your academic journey for a refreshing experience. New programs and courses are continuously being developed by our campus, to ensure that students receive the best education and skills through their mentors.

The Personal support program is offered remotely for our students, we provide textbooks and all the necessary equipment to succeed in the programs. Many courses, like PSW at the Academy of Learning, are very flexible, to accommodate your schedule and needs. Our campus has experienced mentors that hold your hand and help you flourish in the program. For more information contact us or visit:



7700 Hurontario Street, Unit # 306, Brampton, ON Canada. Phone : 365-788-4080 Email :

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When Times are Tough, the Tough Get Going

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Have you considered a career in home inspection or personal support worker (PSW)?

COVID-19 hit the world like a ton of bricks. It is what is called a “Black Swan” event; something that no one can see coming and is so rare that it is impossible to predict. While it’s most devastating effect was seen in the loss of life and the pain that families and loved ones suffered through, it’s economic impact cannot be overstated. Hundreds of thousands of people lost jobs as they saw their industries decimated. While the help from government sources has helped somewhat, many find themselves at these unexpected crossroads where they have to find a new job to fend for themselves and their families.

As the saying goes “when the times get tough the tough get going”. In these devastating times we have also seen the human spirit rise. From everyday stories of people helping other people  to the brave frontline workers risking everything to save lives, there is no dearth of inspiration around us. It is with this inspired spirit that the team of Academy Of Learning Brampton West wakes up every day to help people re-tool, re-skill and find rewarding careers. Needless to say, we take great pride in it.

Two career choices that I want to highlight in today’s environment are: Home Inspector and Person Support Worker.

home inspector
Home Inspector

While COVID-19 slowed things down all around, one industry that has not seen a slowdown is the real estate industry. In fact data shows that there has been 35%  growth in home sales activity over last year. This is good news for home inspectors whose services are widely employed by home buyers. This goes for new construction as well, which has picked up rapidly and is expected to continue that way. Academy Of Learning Brampton West offers a ministry approved Home Inspection diploma. It can be completed in as little as 30 weeks. Various funding options are available so it can come at no cost to you. If you have ever thought of working in the construction industry, the home inspector diploma offers a great pathway with a recognized credential: Call us today or send us an inquiry using our website or talk to Min: or call 365-788-4080. Learn more about the home inspection career at:

Personal Support Workers have shouldered the COVID-19 impact as front line workers, earning the respect of whole nation. Furthermore, 10000 people hit the age of 65 every day in North America. With the aging population, there is a bigger need than ever before for Person Support Workers to help our seniors. There is a hiring boom in hospitals, long term care homes and home-care businesses. If you have a passion for helping others and are looking for a rewarding career, talk to us today, you could be on your way to your dream job in as little as 28 weeks. With various funding option available, it could be at no cost to you as well. Visit our website: for details and talk to Min today: or call 365-788-4080

AOL Brampton WestWhen Times are Tough, the Tough Get Going
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