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Considering Skipping A Home Inspection? Think Twice

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Home inspectors are experts that examine and uncover any potential flaws or risks in a home. Home inspections are essential for determining the health of a house that you or someone else wants to call home. Why should you think twice about skipping a home inspection? If a large health and safety item is detected, sellers are more likely to negotiate. This is because if you decide to back out of the offer, they are now legally obligated to disclose to the next buyer about the faults in the house.   

Benefits of Home inspection   

As a buyer, you benefit from a home inspection because you can settle on the price of the house and have an upside. You can find out about any illegal installments, dwellings, and hazardous additions to the property. As a seller, you benefit from a home inspection because if you fix the damages prior to listing that you may even be able to fetch an over-asking price for the home.

As a buyer, isn’t it absurd if you spend only 15 minutes viewing a house that you want to call home and is arguably the most important purchase of your life?  The visual inspection you do will certainly help you to see any possible furniture arrangements, and plan any imminent remodeling needs. However, the purpose of the home inspection extends well beyond a cosmetic inspection. It enables you to assess the interior and exterior health of a home. You can use the results to validate your decision and ensure that you are purchasing a high-quality home.

Protect yourself in the property market   

Home purchasers may bear the brunt of  home defects, especially if they are provided incorrect information during the pre-listing process. Some home buyers and sellers finalize the deal without a home inspection which can leave them with a lot of unfixed damages. With a timely and thorough home inspection, you can save yourself thousands in maintenance and repair costs in the future. In a heated property market, home inspections become even more important.  

Qualified Home Inspectors 

It is crucial that a home inspector be well trained and qualified to provide good advice to their clients. The Home Inspection course at the Academy Of Learning Brampton West Campus is a Ministry-approved curriculum that prepares you to become a well-rounded home inspector. It adheres to the professional requirements of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). For more information about the curriculum material, please visit our website;

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Meenakshi VyasConsidering Skipping A Home Inspection? Think Twice

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