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Why Choose a Private Career College?

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What is a Private Career College?

Private Career Colleges (PCC’s) are ministry approved institutions that provide certificate and diploma programs in a variety of fields such as Finance, HealthCare, Social Services, Technology, Business Administration, Accounting, Home Inspections and many more. PCC’s fulfil an important need for vocational education. There can be several motivations for choosing Private Career Colleges over universities and public colleges. While University and College programs are tailored towards providing education that helps explore a field of study in depth, PCC’s are focused on vocational education. This means a PCC program is geared towards students who want to get education that quickly leads to a well-paying job.

Program Duration

This is not to say University and College programs do not lead to well-paying and fulfilling jobs; the key word is how “quickly” does the education or training help you get there. To this end, PCC programs are ministry approved programs that tend to be shorter in duration with a focus on key subject areas that prepare the student for job ready skills or upskill them for their desired job. While a University or College can provide a great overall educational experience owing to its large student body and environment, the length of the program may not be well suited for everyone. If you are looking to become financially productive quickly or need to upgrade to a job that pays more than your current one a PCC program can help you get there much faster.


Another consideration is the cost of the education. Let’s face it, University or College education does not come cheap. You may have to take on sizable loans to be paid back over the years. In contrast, PCC programs tend to be lower in cost due to their focused approach. Additionally, students can still take advantage of any applicable grants and funding to finance their education. If you want a focused education at a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket, PCC’s may be a good choice. The PSW ( Personal Support Worker ) Program is a great example of such a program that is offered at the Academy of Learning Brampton West. Reliable training, Low Cost, Short Duration ( 6 months ) and high success rate are the hallmarks of the program.


A substantial number of PCC students tend to be people who have financial responsibility for a family, such as young single parents. They may already be working a job to financially support their families. Owing to this they may not be able to attend a University or College that requires time commitments that conflict with their job timings. Since PCC’s cater to this demographic, flexibility is a cornerstone of their programs. They tend to be accommodating of the schedules of students so that they don’t have to pick between being financially productive and pursuing that dream job. We often come across students who are fired up to pursue a career in a field of their choice but do not have the pre-requisites such as a high school diploma. In such cases our staff at the Academy Of Learning Brampton West work closely with them to help them take tests that help them come up to speed on the required foundational knowledge that makes them eligible for the courses of their choice.

We are here to help

At the Academy of Learning we understand the significant challenges that life throws at you. We firmly believe that those challenges don’t have to be deterrents to achieving your dreams. We help students with their paperwork, high school credit equivalency and government funding options. Talk to us today! E-mail or call us at 365-788-4080

Meenakshi VyasWhy Choose a Private Career College?

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